The Moneytree

supporting the re-release of a very relevant film

Overcoming stigmas.

sevmedia was asked to create a web site that would support the re-release of The Moneytree, the first film to directly address the political and social stigma around marijuana. Shot on location at an undisclosed 'garden' in Marin County in the late 1980's (during the Reagan administration) and told from the perspective of a guerilla-grower, the film is a reminder of the struggles and dangers of the bad old days of three strikes.

With a lot of buzz in the media surrounding legalization, the site is designed to help the client establish the relevance of the film to the current issues and secure funding from dispensaries and collectives who would, in turn, be featured in the end credits. The site features historical information, multiple videos (including a trailer that sevmedia helped sequence), a radio spot, a gallery of stills, and many critical reviews. sevmedia also did copy-editing on the site and it will soon have a donation module to accept donations at three levels.

The site can be found here: